Making is fundamental to what it means to be human.

Are you looking for a new way to develop, build, and innovate?

At Franklin Center for Innovation, we’re committed to building an all-inclusive innovation ecosystem. We offer resources and workspace for makers, entrepreneurs, families, and children alike. Our mission is to create a collaborative space where everyone can learn new skills, start a business, be entertained and foster creativity in their lives.

With our flexible memberships you can get access to space rentals with top notch equipment while getting connected into our network of experts who are eager to mentor you through your creative journey. Plus receive exclusive discounts on courses offered at the center. You’ll also be able to find collaborators across disciplines who will help bring projects or ideas from concept into action!

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What's "Hiding" behind this entrance located at 801 Schenkel Lane? 

Maker Movement

The Franklin Center for Innovation is a great way to jumpstart your journey into making and unlocking your full potential. You’ll have access to all the tools necessary for successful making - from digital fabrication machines, hand tools, 3D printers and more. Plus, you can reach out and network with other makers in our community who share similar interests as you!

What are our Guiding Principles?

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A historic places preservation project in digital form.

We are a group of high school seniors from Frankfort High School. As our senior year internship, the four of us are working with the Franklin Center for Innovation’s Makerspace to build and print 3D models of local and statewide historic landmarks.

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Community Projects

FCFI: Makerspace

Most importantly, makerspaces allow us to explore, create new things, or improve things that already exist.

Community Garden

 At Thorn Hill ... This partnership will offer a collaborative learning environment for sustainable gardening systems.

Frankfort Crafted Market

The Frankfort Crafted Market is a handmade multi vendor shopping experience for unique, local artisan-made gifts and treats.

FCFI: Online Community

Joining a group is a great way to get started, share your work, and stay informed. It's like Facebook ... just cooler.

Community Impact

More Information Coming Soon!

FCFI Will ...

Create Jobs

Empower Education

Connect Community

Introducing a New Way to Iterate!

In Development

FCFI: Classes

FCFI: Camps

FCFI: Future


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