Franklin Center for Innovation, Inc. is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit 

We Are Creating A More Innovative Community


FCFI is a community oriented public workshop where people can meet and work on their projects. We provide a facility that is open 24/7 to monthly members that set up auto-billing. FCFI is a place where you can get messy, be loud, and make whatever comes to your mind. We are open to the public every Tuesday at 6pm.


OUR mission is to encourage people to make. We strive to see people discuss and build their dreams. Our goal is to promote STEAM education, open source values, and skill sharing among our members, industry, and the community. 


Our community is a diverse collection of makers and teachers of all types. Electronic art enthusiasts, sewers, machinists, engineers, college professors, boy scout troop leaders and on and on. We aim to foster making and innovation in every area imaginable.

What is FCFI?

A collaborative community where Makers, Entrepreneurs, Families, Individuals, and Children will learn new skills, start a business, be entertained, and build a culture of making new and innovative things.

A space for Collaboration

FCFI will foster an environment of sharing and collaboration between the different sectors of our community. From business (large and small), education (K-gray), government (national, state, and local), and private (anyone that wants to grow their knowledge base).

A space for Innovation

With tools, materials, and people we will create new methods to make projects a reality.

A space for Makers

Maker … a person that makes or produces something. "a cabinetmaker"

synonyms: creator, manufacturer, builder, constructor, producer, fabricator, author, architect, designer, framer, originator, inventor, founder ... By creating a culture of sharing ideas and making, we will all work together to research, design, and then create needful things or products to sell.

A space for Business Incubation

Since startup companies lack many resources, experience and networks, incubators provide services which helps them get through initial hurdles in starting up a business. These hurdles include space, funding, legal, accounting, computer services and other prerequisites to running the business. Not every home-worker thrives in the loneliness of a home office. They need the camaraderie of a professional office environment with the freedom to come and go on their own schedule and productive needs.

A space for Community

We look forward to bringing all aspects of our community together. With an open mind all things are possible. We will strive to provide a clean and safe environment for sharing and learning.  As well as training in crafts, continuing education credits and much needed construction trades. We will have paid classes and free workshops available in a variety of subjects based on need, request or general whim.

A space for Families

We understand that there are less and less environments where a family can gather to work on projects and ideas. We look forward to providing that space to our community.

A space for Kids

FCFI will create and provide project-based learning curricula, after school programs, day camps, and drop-in projects for parents and children to work on together. Kids today need places to learn hands-on skills and crafts.

A space for You

Your first place is home and family. Your second place is work. FCFI is a third place to go to find new things, friends, ideas and edutainment. We will regularly have theme nights, special interests meetings, game nights, movie nights, group projects and anything else we can think up.