Garden Lab

Do you love caring for plants but don't have the space for a garden? 

At our Franklin Center for Innovation Thornhill Garden, we’re here to help. Our resident gardener is ready to provide you with tips and tricks that can give your garden a helping hand. With our guidance, selecting the right plants for your local climate moments - even if space is limited - becomes an easy task. We also equip DIY gardeners with plant care advice that will ensure their investment continues to thrive long after it’s planted. 

A healthy garden starts with strong roots, so don't let yours go neglected! With Franklin Center for Innovation on your side, you'll have access to expert advice as well as resources specifically designed for do-it-yourself friends in the gardening world—allowing them to enjoy their hobby without too much stress or work. 

Schedule a garden tour now and start turning your dreams of a beautiful blooming garden into reality!